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Broward County Pompano Beach Library
Scope of Project:

Spalling concrete repairs are common along the coast. When oxidation occurs concrete can be loosened from the rusted steel. This repair involved concrete cutting and removal, sandblasting, forming to create the existing dental detail along the edge of the overhang, steel preparation/replacement, new concrete replacement and finally pressure cleaning and preparation for painting the entire building.

Bromley & Cook Structural Engineers - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Broward County Mass Transit Bus Facility
Scope of Project:
This Broward County project involved the filling of existing bus maintenance pits with clean fill, reinforcing steel and concrete.

Lauderdale By the Sea, FL
Scope of Project:
Renovation - Large Family room addition

Lakeview Warehouse, Dania Beach, FL
Scope of Project:
This 28,000 square feet warehouse had a four inch thick concrete slab that had to be removed and replaced due to cracking. The newly engineered concrete slab is eight inches thick with 125,000 lbs. of reinforcing steel, if laid end to end would stretch 22 miles.

Equitable Life Assurance Company / C.B. Richard Ellis
Structural Engineer
Essex Engineering Corporation, Atlanta, GA
Boynton Beach Plaza
Boynton Beach, FL
Scope of Project: Renovation of an active Winn Dixie Shopping Plaza

This old Winn Dixie Plaza was completely renovated and remodeled. From the fa´┐Żade with a new mansard roof assembly, columns, stucco, ceramic tile and painting, to complete site work including drainage, paving, curbing, dumpster enclosures, striping, sealing, signage, painting and landscaping. When the renovation of this Plaza was complete it had a new look. A. S. General Contracting, Inc. also re-roofed the entire plaza.

William L. Osborn A.I.A - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Day's Inn - Singer Island
Palm Beach, FL
Scope of Project: Reconstruction - The re-construction of this two story, flat top hotel has taken on a whole new dimension with the addition of columns and arches, textures and colors.

The two acre site has a feeling of the tropics with the planting of over two hundred trees, ground coverings and shrubs bringing the hotel into the new look for Singer Island.

Mr. Pierre Martin
Ralph Choef - North Miami Beach, FL
The Government Center
Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Scope of Project: Lobby Renovations - With emphasis on security, the completion of this project will enable Broward County to better serve both the public and Broward County for security purposes and pedestrian traffic flow.

Mr. Ian Mitchell - Broward County Project Manager
Mora Architechtural Partnership, Inc. - Miami, FL
Broward County Maintenance Facility
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, FL
Scope of Project: Renovations - This newly renovated maintenance facility with offices, conference room and employee lounge will compliment the Broward Maintenance Facility Department in their efforts to serve all of Broward County.

Mr. Nathaniel Harding - Broward County Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Prince George Condominiums
Hallandale Beach, FL
Scope of Project: This project brought with it some difficult logistics in the re-building of hurricane damaged stairwell towers that were overcome by our expertise and careful planning. Included in this project was the roof replacement for the entire building.

Lakeview Warehouse
Dania Beach, FL
Scope of Project: 28,000 s.f. Reinforced structural concrete slab removal and replacement

Equitable Life Assurance Company / C.B. Richard Ellis
Structural Engineer
Essex Engineering Corporation, Atlanta, GA

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